New Smyrna Beach Tree Service

We’re New Smyrna’s preferred full-service tree company because we’re affordable, reliable and professional! Our New Smyrna tree service experts know exactly how to provide the best service at a price that our residential and commercial customers love! For more info about our tree services, contact us here or call us for a Free Tree Service Quote(386) 320-9133 .

Need a Professional Tree Service in New Smyrna?

From palm trees to beautiful, oaks, maples and more – New Smyrna Beach is littered with old-growth trees, which grow strong and beautiful in the Florida sun. And at Florida’s Tree Surgeons, we’re proud to serve New Smyrna Beach with professional tree services.

Whether you need a regular, yearly pruning, or require tree removal or stump grinding, we’re an ideal choice. With years of experience in the business, you can trust us to deliver the best results.

We offer free estimates for all of our services. Learn more about our tree services in New Smyrna Beach below.

Tree Removal New Smyrna Beach

Tree removal should be left to the experts. We have years of experience removing trees of all sizes, so you can trust us to remove any tree safely, quickly, and without damaging your surrounding property. We will haul the tree away after we cut it down, or mulch it, leaving behind only a small stump.

Tree Trimming New Smyrna Beach

Regular trimming and removal of excess growth is the best way to keep your trees healthy. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true! By removing suckers, excessive growth, dead or diseased limbs, and other imperfections, tree trimming helps promote faster growth in your trees. We can trim trees of any size – from tiny new-growth maples, to the oldest oak trees.

New Smyrna Tree Service Includes Tree Removal New Smyrna Beach, Trimming, Stump Grinding

Tree Cutting New Smyrna Beach

Trees may require cutting and limb removal for a variety of reasons. If a limb is growing too close to your home, you may need to cut it. And in Florida, winds from hurricanes and other storms can damage tree limbs and make them hazardous – and either the limb or entire tree must be removed. Let us help you with professional tree cutting services in New Smyrna Beach!

Stump Grinding New Smyrna Beach

Most stumps are incredibly difficult to pull out and remove, even with powerful construction equipment. The best way to rid yourself of unsightly stumps is with a stump grinder. Stump grinders mulch the remaining wood material, removing all stump material that is above-ground, and restoring your lawn or grass.

Contact us today for a Free Estimate on your project or call us at (386) 320-9133  to speak with one of our New Smyrna Tree Service Experts … We’re happy to help!

Florida’s Tree Surgeons team was friendly & professional and I can sleep restfully tonight for the first time since Hurricane Matthew came to visit.  Thank you Florida’s Tree Surgeon’s. I would definitely recom’ them

Karen Lopez

Florida’s Tree Surgeons did a fantastic job for us!  They provided a very reasonable price, showed up when they were supposed to, & went the extra mile to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction.

Pete Stoughton

I highly recommend Jonathan and his team. We called him on Saturday after Hurricane Matthew and he was at our practice immediately to survey and give us a quote. I highly recommend Florida’s Tree Surgeons

Lauren Nawrocki
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