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Why Stump Removal is Important

There is something kinda magical about finding a nice stump in the middle of the forest. You have a nice place to sit down and just enjoy the scenery around you. Maybe it is a nice area for you to photograph, or sit and write about what you see. Stumps are almost always a welcomed site to come across except when you come across them in your front yard. While they blend into the forest scenery, they stick out like a sore thumb in the front yard. Not only that, but they also tend to just get worse over time until they are removed. They begin to rot and decay, turning a stump that’s already in the way into an ugly stump interrupting your lawn care routine. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a Daytona Beach Stump Removal company to take care of them for you.

Besides being unsightly, what other problems can they cause us? An unwanted tree stump can cause us both time and money depending on different circumstances. They can also cause quite a bit of annoyance over time. So you can get a clear picture of why you need a Daytona Beach stump removal company, we have listed some of the main reasons why stump removal is important.

daytona beach stump removal company

It’s Unattractive: As we already mentioned, a stump doesn’t look that great in the front yard. On a property where grass, bushes, and shrubbery dominate the landscape, a stump just sticks out like an unwanted pimple. It draws attention to itself instead of the rest of the nicely maintained yard. Speaking of nicely maintained yards, let’s segway into our next point.

It’s In the Way: A mowed lawn is a beautiful lawn, and it’s going to take extra time and effort to mow the lawn with a stump in the way. You have to move around the stump with the lawn mower, then come in with a weed wacker to get between the roots. It’s going to add unwanted time and work to your normal lawn maintenance routine.

It is a Safety Hazard: Children like to run around playing G.I.Joe or Star Wars with their friends. When they are running back and forth it is easy for them not to notice the stump or one of its roots, causing them to trip and fall. If they are playing with a neighbors kid and they get injured from it, you are liable for whatever that injury is. There is also the hazard of getting bitten by bugs, which goes into our next point.

It Attracts Bugs: A dead stump will attract bugs and insects to come live inside of it. They mainly attract ants, which we all know why they cause problems. The bigger problem is that ants venture out from their base of operation, meaning eventually they might make it into your home. Other insects that might make a home in your stump are termites, another bug that really needs no introduction.

With all these points it is easy to see why you need to hire a Daytona Beach stump removal company. One like Florida’s Tree Surgeons can easily remove stumps or even an entire tree for you. Give us a call today and let us give you a quote. We’ll get that ugly stump out of your yard so you can get back to enjoying all your front yard has to offer.

Daytona Beach stump removal company

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