Ormond Beach Tree Removal

Ormond Beach Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a complicated process, and it helps to have a knowledgeable company on your side. Ormond Beach residents require a permit to remove any tree. This prevents residents from removing historic or beneficial trees, but it does create an extra step for homeowners looking to beautify or clean up their property.

Tree Removal Ormond Beach

Trees can be removed for several reasons. Dead or extremely damaged trees should be removed before they become nests for pests. Dead trees are an ideal breeding ground for ants, termite and wood borers, among other pests. They can also be a haven for disease.

Laurel wilt is currently hitting laurel trees in the Southeast. This disease is a fungus spread by the redbay ambrosia beetle. It is problematic because once the fungus is in the tree, it cannot be readily controlled by fungicide. Trees injected with fungicide before being attacked by the beetle are protected for around three years. A tree services company stays on top of these incoming pests and diseases. In the case of laurel wilt, the wood should be chipped unless it is being used for firewood. It cannot be moved more than 50 miles away from the site, since the Southeast is attempting to control the spread of this fungus. Dead trees on property should be removed as they can become havens for disease and spread them to other healthy trees.

Trees may also need to be removed because they block a line of sight or pose a danger to property. Trees that have rooted too close to a home’s foundation or water lines can cause expensive damage. In the past, trees were planted over homes to cool them. Before air conditioning, this was a necessity. But with modern amenities like concrete foundations and water and sewage pipes, tree roots can cause leaks and damage.

tree removal ormond beach

Why not DIY?

Applying for a permit is relatively simple, so many homeowners may be tempted to attempt to remove a tree themselves. On large properties, it may not matter where a tree falls, but many suburban homes are too close together to risk a tree falling in the wrong direction. Ormond Beach homeowners should consider letting a professional tree removal company do the work for them. Not only are they trained to remove a tree piece by piece to prevent damage, they handle cleanup and disposal of the tree.

Tree removal companies are also fully insured and licensed, meaning that if there is any accidental injury or property damage, it won’t be claimed against homeowners insurance. The companies also have the right tools and vehicles needed to remove the tree. Large trees may even require heavy machinery, so companies should offer the option to resod or reseed any grass that Is torn up during the removal.

Tree removal in Ormond Beach doesn’t have to be a burden to the homeowner. Finding a reputable company takes research, but ultimately finding one for tree removal can save stress and money.

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