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Tree Impressions

There is a saying that “The things we own define us”. This is true in many ways we don’t really tend to consider. When we hear those words, we think only about the things we buy, not all of the things that we own. The property we own and all of the things that reside on it are part of what define us. Because they are part of what define us, they are many times what create people’s first impression of us. When people see a beautiful yard with a freshly mowed lawn and carefully trimmed trees, they see a responsible, dedicated homeowner. When they see the opposite, a yard filled with weeds, dead tree branches, and overgrown grass, they either see a neglectful homeowner or a witch that steals children’s candy. People like to make stories about run down houses like that, so don’t be surprised when one is made to your home.

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These impressions can have long reaching effects too, especially since a bad impression is hard to get rid of. It tends to stick with you and takes a lot of work to turn around. This is why it is vital to keep up with your lawn and your trees, keeping them trimmed and healthy, because not only is a bad impression hard to get rid of, a good impression can be easily turned around. A bad impression must be lifted up to a good one, but a good one just has to fall far enough to become a bad impression.

Because of this, the extra effort to keep your yard looking healthy actually ends up being the easiest path to follow. Instead of having to worry about what kind of impression you are making on someone, just get your trees trimmed, mow your lawn, and pick up any leaves that may fall. Your neighbors will not only see you in a more positive light, you will feel better about your house and home as well. You get the benefit of a clean yard, they get the benefit of a nicer looking neighborhood, and everyone is happy at the end of the day.

Another benefit of this is that you don’t have to do it yourself. By hiring a Daytona Beach tree service company like Florida’s Tree Surgeons, you get the hardest part of the work done for you, while you get to sit inside and relax. Florida’s Tree Surgeon’s helps trim trees, or remove them completely, opening up your yard and removing any potential dangers the tree might have presented. They get rid of the mess, take out the stump, and leave the yard so grass can grow over the now vacant spot. All you have to do afterward is take care of the grass and the bushes.

So if you are ready to earn that good impression, pick up the phone and dial (386) 320-9133 to get a quote and schedule a time for us to come out.