Daytona Beach Tree Trimming

Spring is Here

Spring is here in Florida! What does that mean for us here in the Daytona Beach area? Honestly not much other than maybe a few spring or easter donuts at the donut shop. We don’t really do seasons here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get swept up in the Spring feeling! While we see Spring as a season and not even one we get to really enjoy fully, it does come with some common connotations. For example, many people see Spring as a season of rebirth and renewal. For places that actually get snow, the beginning of Spring signifies the end of Winter, a time of cold weather and trees with leaves. Since we don’t get any of that, we have to improvise. One way of doing that is by getting a nice tree trimming done.

   Yes, we are saying to cut back trees for a season that is all about growing but hear us out. Tree trimming has several benefits for the trees, the yard, and the home. Some of these benefits are for the health of the tree, some are majorly cosmetic, all of them though are important. It also qualifies as Spring cleaning. Hire a company like Florida’s Tree Surgeons and tell everyone you went big with your Spring cleaning to really impressive your friends. Along with the whole Spring cleaning angle, what else does a good tree trimming do for you?

  •  It Looks Great: While it may not be the most important benefit, it is the most noticed. Getting your trees trimmed opens up your yard and your trees. It makes your yard look cleaner, more spacious, and more lively. It also reduces the amount of twigs and leaves that fall on your property, which can cause your yard to look unkempt. You may not get that Winter to Spring transitions the northern states get, but you can still transform the look of your property.


  • It’s Healthy: Dead branches weigh a tree down and harm its growth. Removing the dead branches gives the tree more room to grow, and allows more sun to reach the healthy branches. It also stops dead leaves, twigs, and branches from littering your yard and harming the grass beneath them. Getting your trees trimmed also serves as a check-up, allowing any disease or harmful insects to be found.


  • It’s Safe: A benefit of the tree being healthy is that it’s also strong. A strong tree is far less likely to topple over when you remove the dead weight and keep it healthy. Keeping the dead branches will weigh down the tree, making it more likely to tip over in a storm. The branches are also more likely to fall down on their own when you least expect them to. If a healthy tree falls, it is considered an act of nature. If a poorly kept tree falls, you could be held liable for it.

   So if you are ready to do some serious spring cleaning by having someone else do it for you, contact Florida’s Tree Surgeons today. We also specialize in tree and debris removal.




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