Professional Tree Service

Professional tree services are made up of trained professionals and certified arborists who specialize in local tree knowledge. A certified arborist is trained to understand the local climate, types of trees that thrive, any ongoing diseases or pests and complementary plants. They will also be able to help identify what trees need to be removed or pruned and what trees should be added where.

Planting trees

Simply buying a tree from a nursery and sticking it in the ground can lead to a higher chance of failure if the soil and tree aren’t prepared properly. Professional tree service companies know the care that certain trees require specially prepared soil. Some trees can’t be planted in certain years if there is an increase in disease outbreak.

A professional tree services company will also help homeowners decide what kind of trees should be planted and what the idea location for them is. It can be tempting to overcrowd trees as they are being planted. Another common error is planting trees too close to the house. Shade trees over a home were necessary before air conditioning, but planting too close to a home now can cause roof or foundation damage as the tree grows.

Trimming trees

Professional tree services also have the skills and knowledge, not to mention all the equipment, needed to prune existing trees back. Pruning is required and helps shape trees and keep them healthy. Pruning removes dead branches and unruly growth, which helps control the look of the tree.

Tree trimming is best done in winter after the period of dormancy. Trees slow their growth during the colder months, so trimming back a tree at this time puts the least amount of stress on the tree.

Any damage trees sustain from wind or storms should be promptly trimmed off so the tree can heal. Leaving dead branches in a tree can lead to disease or rot as the wood begins to decay. This can damage the other parts of the tree. A professional tree service company can explain how to remove damaged parts of the tree while keeping the tree alive. In some cases, tree removal may be advised.

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How to choose a professional tree service

Carefully research any tree service company you’re considering. Look for a series of customer reviews that point to a company that is licensed and vetted by the community. They should have local knowledge that helps them understand what trees best fit the local area. They should also be willing to provide their license when asked. A tree company makes tree care easy and convenient because they handle the tools, safety equipment and finally the cleanup and disposal of the removed tree or branches.

While some smaller trees can be maintained by a homeowner, major changes to a tree or landscape are best done with a certified arborist and a professional tree service company. They will ensure the trees match the area, help keep everything healthy and use their knowledge to beautify your home.

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