Environmentally Minded

Environmentally Minded

When it comes to current issues, one issue that weaves itself in and out of the headlines is protecting the environment. Mostly it comes in the way of arguments about climate change. Now before you click off this page, we are not here to debate rather climate change is real or not. There are plenty of articles on other websites and we are a New Smyrna Beach tree removal company, not a news forum. We are here to explain that the environment is important, regardless of your stance on climate change. Simply put we need healthy trees. Not just out in the woods but in our yards as well. Every healthy tree is helping to make the world a little bit better.

Everyone knows that trees help to not only produce oxygen but also clean the air. They take in the carbon dioxide that we produce and create oxygen for us to breathe. So it only stands to reason that the more healthy trees we have the cleaner the air will be. They can do so much more for us though. Having trees can actually make the air around us cooler. Not just from the shade that they offer but also from what is called transpiration cooling. As trees release water into the air, it turns into vapor and cools the air around them. It also helps manage water from storms. When it rains heavily, water finds it’s way into the streets and into the storm drains, where they can overflow if enough rain falls. Trees help absorb some of this water, reducing the amount that has to be handled.

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Even with all of those benefits, we are still not done with the list. Trees also help keep soil in place. Soil erosion is when topsoil is removed over time and causes the soil to lose quality. The less quality the soil has, the harder it is for plants to grow healthy. Tree’s help to fight erosion by reducing the impact of rain on the soil and soaking up water from the soil. They also grip soil where the land slopes, helping to keep it in place. They also offer shelter for many birds and animals. If you like watching birds in your yard, you’re going to want to have trees for them to land and nest in. Not only is it nice to watch them, birds also have other purposes in the world, such as spreading seeds around so that new plants and trees can grow.

The final benefit that having healthy trees in our yards gives is that they simply make the world a little more beautiful. When you have healthy trees in your yard, it becomes a place that is warm and welcoming. Dead trees, on the other hand, can make a home seem ominous or in neglect. So enjoy all the benefits that healthy trees can give you and the world around you by hiring a New Smyrna Beach tree trimming company like Florida’s Tree Surgeons. They service Volusia County, from Ormond Beach to Oak Hill, and West to DeLand with tree trimming and removal.