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Daytona Beach Tree Trimming Company

Tree trimming may seem straightforward at first, but cutting back trees can be complicated work. Tree trimming companies are specialized in the best techniques for pruning unruly trees to encourage growth and maximize a homeowner’s investment.

Tree trimming companies know that the best time to trim trees is during their winter dormancy. While damaged trees need to be trimmed whenever the damage occurs so they can heal, it is easiest to trim trees back in winter weather when they are likely to have fewer leaves and not being growing. In tropical areas, tree trimming can occur at any time of year.


Removing low-hanging branches near roads is one role of a tree trimming company. However if the tree is located near a power line, call before booking since many cities require city workers to handle trees near power lines.

Tree trimming on fruit-bearing trees can encourage fruit growth by removing branches that can’t flower. It also removes any thin branches that would break under the weight of the fruit.

Ornamentals like crepe myrtles shouldn’t be topped off as is commonly done. While topping controls the height of the plant, it creates gangly knobs at the ends of branches by limiting how tall the crepe myrtle can get. Instead, Crepe myrtles should slowly be reduced in height by removing branches at an angle over a period of several years. They will still have thick leaf coverage and blooms without putting as much strain on the plant.

Tree trimming on a small scale can be done by a homeowner throughout the year. Unsightly suckers or small dead branches can be removed with pruning shears or a handsaw. However large trees can require extensive tools, and climbing them can be dangerous to an untrained homeowner. Dead trees especially may seem secure, but they can splinter under the weight of a climber.

A professional tree trimming company will assess trees from the ground first and listen to what the homeowner has to say. Maybe a line of sight should be opened up or annoying branches rubbing against windows should be removed. A reputable company concerned about customer service will listen and carefully mark which branches should be removed. As the tree is thinned out, they should also be receptive to stopping the trimming if the desired result is achieved.

Tree trimming companies will also handle the disposal of branches that are removed. As long as the tree is not diseased, it can be used for firewood or compost brown matter, though wood usually needs to be mixed with carbon or other materials to encourage it to decompose faster.

Professional tree trimmers also handle issues like insurance and licensing and should show that information on request. Licensing means they are certified to perform tree trimming services, and insurance covers any damage or injury that may occur during the job.

A professional tree trimming company can save homeowners time and money by removing problematic branches and extending the life and look of a tree. Regular tree trimming should be done by a company homeowners trust to return year after year.

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