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Good for the Soul

“Good for the body, good for the soul”, that’s how the old saying goes. Mainly it means anything that is good for the body is also good for your mood. Healthy things tend to make you feel more positive about yourself and others. Going outside and soaking up some of that sunshine will make you feel better and smile more than sitting isolated inside. A trip to the ocean will leave you feeling more refreshed than a quick morning shower before work. Being out in nature, with fresh, clean air from the trees around you is hard to beat for peace and serenity, or for healthy lungs. These things also benefit your body in various ways. Sunshine gives you vitamin D, the ocean is good for the skin, the fresh air is good for the lungs, etc and so on. That is why so many of these natural things are so prominent in old world religions and mythologies.

All throughout history, these natural things have been worshiped. While they might not have fully understood just how Sunna, carrying the sun behind her chariot was actually benefitting their health, they knew that the sun was good for them. They knew that trees were wonderful things, even before they understood that they took in CO2 and produced Oxygen. They understood the importance of water, even though most people believed giant monsters lurked in its depths. Of all of these old world believes, one thing that is almost universal in importance are the trees. From the trees in the Garden of Eden to the world tree Yggdrasil, connecting the nine worlds of Norse Mythology, people have found beauty and importance in trees. They feature so promptly that they have even become modern day literary devices. When a hero enters a forest with tall trees filled with leaves, it is a beautiful place full of life. When the trees are dark and the branches bare, it is a desolate place, with danger lurking. When a tree is thick and ancient, it is a tree that represents wisdom and knowledge. These ideas don’t just exist in storybooks however, they exist in the real world as well.

The trees that reside on our property can say a lot about our home. They can be what turn it from a dark dreary place to a warm and welcoming one. Maintaining them isn’t just a safe practice to keep them from damaging your property, getting them trimmed is also good for the soul. The trees themselves give the whole property a more welcoming appearance while the color also calms the mind. Green and brown colors are shown to have positive influences on the mind. There is an entire psychology behind colors and how they affect us. Both green and brown remind us of earthly, natural things. They make us feel more connected to nature.

So nurture that connection to both the past and to nature by doing what is good for the body and good for the soul. Get your trees trimmed to help keep them both beautiful and healthy. To stay healthy yourself, keep away from the ladders by contacting Florida’s Tree Surgeons. We have the right equipment and the right staff to get the job done, not to mention the experience of being trusted Daytona Beach Tree Trimmers. Call us today at (386) 320-9133 or visit us at