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Facing the Storm

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm”. The warrior whispers back, “I am the storm”. While that is happening, your tree really wasn’t strong enough to withstand the storm and is now on your neighbor’s house. When the insurance company comes by, we wouldn’t use the “I am the storm” line on them. You are going to have enough fun trying to convince them that the tree falling wasn’t your fault. Can you really be blamed for a tree falling in a storm though? The answer is most definitely, and it will be up to you to deal with the damages. When it comes to storm damage, you might be held liable depending on how well you took care of the trees in your yard. Having some Daytona Beach tree removal services can really help you out here.

When deciding who or what is responsible for damage caused by a tree in a storm, there are two main possibilities for it. It will either be that you are liable for the damages or it falls under an “Act of God” or “Force Majeure” title. What does that mean exactly? Let’s look deeper at the two options.

Act of God: An Act of God, or Acts of God, Refer to anything outside of human control. You can’t control when a hurricane or tornado is going to come rolling through town. It is beyond our ability to steer a hurricane and there is definitely no control switch to decide wind speed and rain amount. Because of this, you can’t really be blamed for a tornado tossing a tree branch into a neighbor’s window, or lightning striking a tree branch and causing it to destroy your neighbor’s fence. At least unless you are Thor, God of Thunder that is. But wait, we said you can be blamed for that happening above. So how does that work? Onto our next point.

Being Held Liable: Like any property we own, we are liable for its maintenance and if necessary, removal. If you have a dead tree standing in your yard not only will it give your home a haunted look, if it falls and damages property it might be held against you. You didn’t take steps to remove the tree even though it had a high risk of falling. This goes for branches as well. If your branches are a notable risk and you don’t take action to have them trimmed, the insurance company might hold you liable for them falling. If your tree has been trimmed and is notably healthy, however, then if it falls it will be considered an Act of God, freeing you from liability for it.

This is why we recommend getting your trees trimmed on a regular basis. What is a regular basis? That depends on the tree itself. When you get them trimmed the first time, speak with the company to find out when it should be trimmed or pruned again. It is not a very often occurrence like mowing the lawn. Hardwood trees, for instance, are trimmed once a year at first, and once every three years after that. Of course, anytime you start spotting dead branches on a tree is another good time to get them trimmed.

If you are in need of Daytona Beach tree removal services, contact Florida Tree Surgeons today. We service Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas including Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, and Ormond Beach.

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