Daytona Beach Tree Removal

Daytona Beach Tree Removal

Since a tree can’t be untrimmed, finding the right professional tree service company is important to maintaining the health of the trees they will be servicing. A badly trimmed tree can take several years to fill out again, so using time upfront to research companies can help ensure a good experience.

Before employing a tree service company, it’s a good idea to speak with several companies and discuss what services are required and what the cost will be. Companies should be willing to draft a contract discussing the number of visits, scope of service and costs. Ask for a detailed overview of the contract before signing anything. The contract should clearly detail the services being provided, the price for each service and any disposal or mulching fees. The company should clearly indicate what the final amount owed will be. Before signing, take the time to ask under what circumstances the price would change from the price listed on the contract. The contract should also come with a copy of their certification and insurance. This insurance protects homeowners against any claims if a worker is injured or property is damaged during the tree trimming.

daytona beach tree removal

Consider the equipment that will be used to remove the tree. While workers with ladders and a saw won’t leave a huge footprint, large or stubborn trees sometimes require heavy machinery to remove. Use the contract period to discuss what equipment will be needed and what the company will do after the tree is removed to restore the appearance of the lawn. In some cases, sodding or reseeding may be required.

If root removal damages a sprinkler line or head, will that be covered as part of the contract or is it an additional cost? Will the company return to make it right if problems arise that aren’t noticed the day of the tree service? Companies that literally cut and run expose the customer to potential dangers if the tree doesn’t heal from the trimming.

Professional tree service companies also provide other services besides trimming or removing trees. A well-trained company will be able to work out a feeding and mulching schedule that will help trees grow quickly and look their best. They will also monitor the tree for signs of disease, pests or stunted growth. If the tree cannot be treated, it can be promptly removed to avoid infecting other trees.

Pests like termites, wood borers and ants can quickly take over a tree. Eventually their presence can kill a tree from the inside out. The average homeowner wouldn’t be able to see the signs of an infestation until the tree was already damaged. Regular monitoring by a professional will catch infestations early and help increase the odds that the tree can recover with minimal treatment.

A professional tree service company offers many benefits that can help homeowners extend the life and look of their landscaping. Taking the time to pick the right company will maximize the benefits of having a professional tree service company.

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