Palm Coast Tree Removal

Palm Coast Tree Removal

Tree removal codes and policies vary from city to city. Palm Coast tree removal requires a permit, which means homeowners could face a fine for employing a tree removal company that doesn’t maintain the appropriate licenses or request the right permits. When searching for a tree removal company, homeowners should seek a company with local experience as they will understand which permits are required.

A professional tree removal company also handles the licensing and insurance that is required when removing trees. Their insurance protects the homeowner from liability claims if any property damage or personal injury occurs during the removal.

Palm Coast pruning tips

A tree should be assessed by a professional to see if it should be pruned or removed. Palm Coast recommends that cracked or decaying branches as they can pose a hazard to anyone walking or driving under them.

Branches that overhang the road should be removed since they are usually structurally weak and can endanger passersby. The city recommends that homeowners hire a professional tree services company to prune or remove trees. Homeowners should avoid removing large trees by themselves as trees can be unpredictable when they fall. A poorly removed tree could endanger property and people and even block traffic.

The city also recommends tree emergency service be considered before any hurricanes or storms arrive. This service prioritizes tree removal before a storm to reduce potential collateral damage from an overgrown or badly pruned tree falling onto the property.

A professional tree service company will have the right tools and training to remove branches without detracting from the overall look of the tree. Some plants that thrive in Palm Coast have special pruning requirements to look best. Crepe myrtle, for example, is regularly and incorrectly topped off, which stunts their growth even though it controls height. Correct crepe myrtle pruning removes old seed pods, stray branches, and suckers without damaging the plant or putting unnecessary stress on it.

And Palm Coast is known for, of course, palms. These tropical plants don’t have a lot of greenery, so over pruning them can stunt the plant and make it look bottom-heavy. Old, dead growth should be removed, but cutting off any green palms puts unnecessary stress on the plant and should be avoided. Individual palm fronds shouldn’t be removed either unless they are ill or dying.

When to remove a tree

Trees can be removed for aesthetic reasons, such as the tree has grown too large or it is blocking the view from the street. These kinds of removals can occur at any time. However, diseased trees should be removed promptly because they pose a danger to healthy trees surrounding the property. Florida is currently facing a fungus called laurel rot that affects laurel trees. This fungus is transmitted by beetles and can only be prevented, not cured. Trees affected by this or other pests like wood borers or termites should be removed and disposed of properly. A professional tree service company knows what signs to watch for and they keep up-to-date on the latest diseases and issues facing local plants.

Professionals have the knowledge and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees without disturbing the surrounding trees and neighborhood and they can do the job in half the time.


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