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Signs of a Sick Tree

Ever try to take a tree’s temperature? Chances are the thought never even crossed your mind. Mostly because that won’t tell you much of anything really. Unlike people, trees don’t stay in bed when they are sick, running a fever and getting a runny nose. They have their own unique list of symptoms to indicate disease or problems. Luckily, these signs are pretty easy to spot, as long as you know what to look for. You can skip the part while you look for yourself even and hire a New Smyrna Beach tree service professional instead.

Next time you are taking a stroll out in the front yard, or doing a little yard work, take a second to inspect your trees. If you spot any of the symptoms listed below, it might be time to give them a trim. If the problem is severe enough, it might even be smart to schedule a tree removal.

Insects: The outside world is full of them. They are sometimes mystical and cute, like caterpillars. Other times they ruin picnics and form annoying colonies. If you see an unusual amount of them on your trees however, it could be a bad sign. It’s not unusual to see a couple exploring a tree. If it seems like they are taking the tree over though, it’s time to call in the experts.

Fruits and Flowers: Some trees give us more than just shade. They can have some beautiful flowers or delicious fruit as well. While it can be typical for the number of fruit and flowers to vary, it shouldn’t be a drastic change. If you notice the number of fruit or flowers going down in number or quality, it’s a strong indicator of problems.

Holes: It might be typical to find knots in your tree, but there shouldn’t be a lot of holes. Holes are areas where disease or insects can invade the tree. Similarly, disease or insects can be what are causing the holes to appear. If you notice holes appearing in your trees, check for insects or anything out of the ordinary.

Wilting: Trees are strong, sturdy, natural structures. Their branches should reach outwards and upwards toward the sky. If you find they are pointing more toward the ground, it could mean instability or a weakening of the tree.

The cause of these problems could be anything from disease and insects to simply a lack of nutrients or water. It can even be caused by too much watering. If you are not able to check your trees because of time or health restraints, a professional tree service company will be able to look for you. You should get your trees trimmed to improve their health and appearance. While a New Smyrna Beach tree service professional is handling this job, they will spot any causes of concern. If they are small enough, they might be able to remove the bad parts of the tree while trimming. If they are too serious for a simple trim to repair, it might turn into a tree removal job.

While it can be sad to see a tree go, it can be expensive to repair the damage a sick tree will cause when it falls. A new tree can grow from a simple seed. A damaged roof or smashed in car however, takes quite a bit more time and effort to bring back. So keep yours trees healthy with a nice trim and keep an eye on them. Besides, it never hurts to get out for a little bit and enjoy that nice yard you work so hard to maintain, does it?

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