Ormond Beach Tree Trimming Services

Are you tired of seeing the same ugly, droopy limbs every time you get home from work? Tree trimming, and pruning service, will clean the hideous areas of your landscape using specific techniques and power. Use a certified maintenance professional to ensure they care about every removal service. Tree trimming cuts down the wild growth around your house and clears your area of nasty debris.

Pruning Service Available in Daytona Beach

Tree trimming will ensure your friends and neighbors talk about how beautiful your home is. Pruning service is guaranteed to open up your landscape and show the power of your house in the neighborhood. Through certified arborists and specialized techniques, the area you love to come home to will be be free of brush, limbs, and all other unwanted growth. Pruning service cleans all of the suckers, dead branches, and rotten wood from the gorgeous timber standing tall and strong in your yard.

Aside from keeping your property aesthetically pleasing, trimming is required to remove dead and decaying branches. Constant maintenance and care is required to keep trees safe and healthy. Research shows that trimming significantly decreases damage that can be caused to other structures as a result of wind and severe weather and allows trees to thrive and grow.

  • Crown Maintenance is removing decayed branches from the top of a tree, otherwise known to as the “crown”. The crown is one of the most important parts of a tree, crown maintenance is vital to overall tree health.
  • Routine Trimming, or thinning, is removing branches from the interior of a tree. Much of the time routine trimming is performed for aesthetic reasons but it also allows sunlight into the area and to encourage growth of the tree and the growth of other landscaping features under the tree. Routine trimming can also be done to keep branches away from structures such as buildings and fences.
  • Topping is reducing the area of the tree. Topping is performed when the tree is taking up too much space, clearance space is need around or below the tree.
  • Canopy Lifting is removing the lower branches of a tree. This branch removal creates free space below the crown, or top, of the tree. Canopy lifting is performed to increase clearance area under the tree, or to avoid a utility line and stop trees from coming into contact with the top of a structure such as a home.

There are many options to help you continue to care and beautify your home. Florida’s Tree Surgeons offer quality tree services, while being certified, licensed, and insured, to provide your family the best landscape available. Some timber is not able to be saved with standard pruning or power treatments. Tree removal service is standard when experiencing a sick tree, clearing land, or preparing for a hurricane.

Other services can be provided, if needed. Debris removal is helpful when trying to open up space around your home, other areas, or just needing to get rid of that garbage laying around. More specialized packages can be requested if there are multiple things to be trimmed, removed, or treated. Storm damage prevention is offered and is created based on the amount of trees, property line, severity, and proximity to your home.

Florida’s Tree Surgeons team was friendly & professional and I can sleep restfully tonight for the first time since Hurricane Matthew came to visit.  Thank you Florida’s Tree Surgeon’s. I would definitely recom’ them

Karen Lopez

Florida’s Tree Surgeons did a fantastic job for us!  They provided a very reasonable price, showed up when they were supposed to, & went the extra mile to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction.

Pete Stoughton

I highly recommend Jonathan and his team. We called him on Saturday after Hurricane Matthew and he was at our practice immediately to survey and give us a quote. I highly recommend Florida’s Tree Surgeons

Lauren Nawrocki