daytona beach hurricane

Hurricane Irma has passed and people are still cleaning up after it. Some still don’t have power a week later, even with Florida Power and Light working around the clock to restore it. There are still roads lined with debris and some places are ripping up carpet because of flood damage. Overall though, Volusia County came out relatively well for the storm of the century. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave some damage, or that other places didn’t get it worst. It definitely doesn’t mean we will be so lucky next time. When is the next time a hurricane comes through Florida? No one really knows for sure, so the best thing we can do is get ready now. There are already 2 different potential storms forming over the Atlantic as this article is being written.

There are a few helpful steps that you can take to make sure your home or even your office is prepared for the next round of hurricanes. Many of them are low maintenance options that can be done once and left alone. Some of these options include:

Storm Shutters: It might be a little exciting, going around and boarding up the windows but there is a more effective way to do it. Install storm shutters that are easy to open and close, while being durable against storm winds and debris. They are better than boards because they can be stored right on the window, are stronger, and require less effort to use. They can also cause less damage to your home than nailing or screwing boards over the windows.

Tree Trimming: The most common form of debris that goes flying in a storm is tree branches and maybe even an entire tree. Practically every yard has trees in it. Even businesses and apartments have trees somewhere around them. Keeping your trees trimmed removes branches that could break off in the storm, and leaves fewer branches to clean up afterward. They also help make your trees healthy and strong, reducing the chances of them falling over.

For tree trimming or even tree removal, you can contact Florida’s Tree Surgeons. We have the right equipment and an experienced crew that can get the job done right. If you are ready to be prepared for the next Daytona Beach Hurricane, call us today at (386) 320-9133.