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When Is Tree Removal a Necessity?

While trees add atmosphere and shade and serve an important purpose by cleaning the air, there are times when it becomes necessary to remove a troublesome tree. Tree removal can offer many benefits to a yard and property.

While some damaged or diseased trees can come back with love and care, dead trees will not grow back and need to be removed as quickly as possible. Dead trees make a tempting target for pests like termites. They will also hollow out over time, putting them at risk for falling.

Trees damaged by a storm should be assessed for removal. While some lightly damaged trees can be pruned so they recover over time, snapped trees or trees that break near the core of the tree are at risk for disease and pests.

Any tree that poses a risk to property should be professionally assessed to see if it should be trimmed or if it must be removed. Overgrown trees will have established root systems that can break pipes in their search for water. Trees can also lose limbs during a storm, which can damage roofs or vehicles.

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Some trees are seasonal nuisances. Varieties of trees that drop sap or acorns can damage vehicles and leave a sticky, inconvenient mess. Others drop too many leaves or may attract pests. An Oak tree may seem like a good addition to a yard, but they grow too large and spindly for most yards.

Trees may also be removed for aesthetic. A homeowner may want a clear line of sight out a window or from the street. Trees too close to a fence-line can damage the fence and cause additional replacements.

Trees have persistent roots that dig deep in the earth to reach enough water to get them through dry seasons. These roots serve the purpose of aerating the soil and helping prevent soil erosion, but they can pose an issue when combined with grass. Tree roots draw water away from grass. A large shade tree will kill most kinds of grass by blocking the sun. Over time, the grass dies and the soil erodes. This can expose sprinkler lines and leave unsightly patches in a lawn.

Why get a professional

Once you’ve decided to remove a tree, it may seem simple to pick up a saw and DIY. However, trying to remove a tree without professional help creates the potential for property and personal damage.

Trees don’t always fall the way they should. A professional tree removal company will carefully tie limbs and lower them to the ground after removal to prevent damage to property or people.

Professional tree removal companies have the right equipment and training required for the safe removal of trees. This equipment includes ladders, saws and safety equipment. They will also usually bring a wood chipper to mulch the tree for use in the yard. Only non-diseased trees should be mulched to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

While tree trimming can extend the life of a tree by many years, there are times at which tree removal is the best or only option. Using a professional tree removal company will protect surrounding trees, the yard and property.

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