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There is just something riveting about handling a chainsaw, isn’t there? You hold down the safety, you pull that cord, and you feel it come to life in your hands. Suddenly, you are a man among nature, chopping down any tree that threatens your castle. If this is so much fun, why not just chop down your own trees instead of hiring someone else? It’s your job to defend your castle, but if you have never picked up a chainsaw before, your castle might need to be defended from you.

We all know how gravity works, but that doesn’t mean we know how that tree branch is going to fall. Professional tree removal specialist know how to secure a branch and themselves when it is being cut off. If you blindly start cutting down branches, it’s highly possible one will swing down, striking your ladder and giving you a whole new lesson about gravity.

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You also have property to think about. If you are removing an entire tree, you need to make sure it falls right where you want it to go. If you just cut away at the trunk, it might fall into the yard, might also fall into the house. Don’t think your car is safe either, that happens a lot more often than you would expect. Jump on Google or YouTube and look it up if you don’t believe us.

Finally, there is knowing what needs to be cut and what can stay where it’s at. Cutting down branches is not just about removing the ones that are a risk to your home, you have to think cosmetically as well. Otherwise you end up with an ugly, naked tree in your yard. There’s also a chance you will miss some vital branches to cut down because you miss the signs of a dead branch, thinking it is still healthy and strong.

Don’t forget about the unpredictable weather we have here in Florida. The next hurricane could be in three months or three years. It could be a major storm, or just a small category 3, but it will definitely be knocking down some branches. Someone who has experience in tree trimming will look for this, and cut down branches that could endanger your home and property in case of a storm.

Finally you have the clean up part of tree removal. If you just go at it, you might end up spending more time cleaning up the mess you made then you did making it. A professional tree removal company will leave your yard looking even better than when they came. Unprofessional, however, can have your yard covered in leaves and tire tracks, moreso if you tried using your vehicle to pull out a stump.

So save yourself potential medical bills, property damage, and complaints from the local homeowner’s association and look at hiring professional tree removal professionals, such as Florida’s Tree Surgeons. Rather it’s a simple tree trimming or removing the entire tree, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done quickly, safely, and will leave your home looking better than ever.  

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