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Signs it’s Time to Trim

Trees are an interesting thing to have in our yard. They can be beautiful and enchanting, while also being able to severely damage our home and property. They are vital to our survival as they produce the oxygen that we breathe yet they have plummeted through quite a few roofs and destroyed a fair number of vehicles. It’s like they enjoy being beautiful parts of the natural world while also reminding us of the power that nature holds. We can’t really stop nature from going it’s own way. We can, however, help reduce the chances that nature’s own way is going to damage our property. Better put perhaps, we can have someone who offers Daytona Beach Tree Service come do it for us.

When is it time to get a tree trimmed or completely removed, and how can you tell? One of the best indicators is actually gravity. It’s rather difficult for a large tree branch to fall on your home when there are no large branches above it. Keep an eye on where branches are growing. If they are over your home, it may be best to get them trimmed back a bit. Smaller branches can continue to grow as they won’t damage a good rooftop. It can be a little harder for driveways, however. Many people have trees close to their driveways, and you can’t just cut every large branch over the driveway. You will end up with a weird tree that is off balance. It can be hard to imagine a tree bending with as thick and strong as they are yet we see bent wood all the time. In wooden boats and archery bows, we see wood, that is bent and still strong. So what do you do when a tree is next to a driveway with large heavy branches overhead? You order a tree trimming to keep those branches strong. Removing dead branches reduces the weight on the health branch, reducing the chances of it falling.

There is also twigs and branches that have already fallen. If you find yourself constantly seeing new twigs in the yard, it could be a strong indicator that the tree has dead branches, diseases, or maybe even insects. Some twigs falling are normal, given how many are in a tree. When they are in abundance, though, it is time to get a trim and look at what is causing the twigs to fall. It might simply be the weather at the time. Florida is no stranger to days of heat with little or no rain and trees need water to survive. Without that rain, they could begin weakening. You have to remember that trees are living things and have needs to ensure their survival as well.

Another note on the gravity aspect, if you notice your branches starting to bend it could be time to consider trimming them. Tree branches should grow outwards not downwards. They are meant to reach upwards toward the sunlight. So if you see them sloping downwards then it means they are getting too heavy and weak. Contact a Daytona Beach tree service company like Florida’s Tree Surgeons to come and take care of the problem for you. They will trim up the branches to help them grow strong. If they find any issue that should be brought to your attention, or feel a tree is better removed then trimmed, they will notify you and tell you the best course of action to take.

These are not things you need to constantly be looking for. You should be able to enjoy your trees, not be continuously worrying about them. Now and then, though, just take a look at the trees in your yard, maybe pair it with a nice evening stroll through the yard. If you notice any of the signs we mentioned earlier then it’s time to get them trimmed. Don’t worry about getting the chainsaw out, though, just call (386) 320-9133 and let us do all the work for you.


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