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Tree Trimming Service in Daytona Beach, FL

Tree Trimming Service – It’s been almost two months now since the east coast of Florida, and some states north of us, were ravaged by strong winds and heavy rain thanks to Hurricane Matthew. While it has been a considerable amount of time since the storm hit, there are still some signs from the hurricane weekend lingering around. For the most part, the branches and fallen trees have been dragged down to the roadside and picked up. There are some areas around Volusia though that still have signs of storm damage. Rather it is some shingles missing, or a window that has been taken out by a tree branch, Hurricane Matthew’s effects are just not quite gone.

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Part of the reason why this happened is because it had been so long since we had a hurricane sweep up the east coast. Quite a few of us didn’t bother to get our trees trimmed or removed in case of the next storm. Thankfully, Hurricane Matthew wasn’t nearly as devastating as predicted, and helped to serve as a firm reminder to take a few extra steps to protect our home.

Looking pass the damages and unfortunate events of Hurricane Matthew, it has had a positive impact for small contractors, roofers, plumbers, handymen,  and professional tree trimming professionals.

Even if you are not worried about the next big storm, you can still benefit from having well-trimmed trees surrounding your home. They make your property look cleaner and more spacious, they reduce amounts of twigs you have to mow over, and it is just generally safer when dead branches are not looming over your head. So start enjoying a cleaner, safer yard by picking up your phone and dialing (386) 320-9133.

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