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When to Remove a Tree

We tend to grow attached to things in our life, especially when they serve a purpose. While something like a fidget spinner will find itself tossed away in some junk drawer in a couple of weeks, that old Zippo lighter is going to stay in your pocket for years to come. It’s not uncommon or even unnatural for us to grow attached to items. We see it not just in ourselves but in animals as well. How many of you have seen a dog have a favorite toy it likes to play with? Sometimes though like that favorite dog toy that Fido tore apart finally we have to get rid of these things. Not all of these things are easy to get rid of, however, and not just because of the emotional connection we form with them. Naturally, we are talking about trees in your yard.

Trees are beautiful parts of anyone’s property that can liven up the yard, give us shelter, invite birds to come sing their songs for us, and just make the whole place really feel welcoming. Trees don’t last forever though and in time you might have to remove them completely. While you can keep a tree healthy and prolong its life by letting an Ormond Beach Tree Care company take care of it, you can’t always save them. That is when it is time to decide if you are going to remove it or let it stay to live out the rest of its life.

There are a few different factors that go into deciding if you should remove a tree or let it stay. If it is beautiful and healthy then, of course, you should let it stay. If you or an arborist notice any of these signs with trimming or inspecting your tree than it might be time to consider removal.

More than 25% of the branches are damaged: Rather through just natural aging or from something like a storm, if 50% or more of the branches are damaged it is time to consider removal. From 25%-50% you should consider it a possibility. Under 25% and the tree should be just fine.

Dead Branches on One Side of the Tree: If the branches are tending to die in one central area then it might be a sign of disease in the trunks or roots. Branches should spread, grow, and even die evenly. If they are doing it in one central area you should get the tree inspected and possibly removed.

Trunk Rotor Fungus on the Trunk: Naturally the trunk is very important in supporting the tree. If you find signs of rot or find fungi starting to grow on it, it could mean trouble. Not all fungus means tree rot, but it does mean you should get it inspected.

Hollow Trunk: Because of how trees grow, most of what they need to survive is in the outer parts of the tree, so if the tree is hollow than it can still be healthy. The issue is that the hollow trunk will not be as strong and might cause structural issues, making it easier to fall over in a storm.

If you are unsure if a tree should be removed or not then you can always get it inspected. When you get your trees trimmed by an Ormond Beach Tree Care Company, they will be around your trees and notice any signs that you might need to get the tree removed. If you are looking at getting a tree removed in your yard, or just have a tree that needs a quick trimming than look at a local Ormond Beach tree care company to take care of it. To get a quote on tree removal you can click here.

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