New Smyrna Beach Tree Stump Removal Company

New Smyrna Beach Tree Stump Removal Company

Tree stumps can be extremely difficult to remove without the help of a New Smyrna Beach tree stump removal company. Homeowners can plan to spend hours chipping away at the stump and try to dig out the roots or they can take the simpler route and hire a reputable company to assist.

Tree stumps are what remain after a tree either falls or is cut down. Since they are lower to the ground and connected to the roots, they can be more difficult to remove than the tree. They also pose a tripping hazard, especially if grass is tall. Stumps will also continue to put out suckers if the tree was alive when it was cut down. In the wild, this would eventually mean another tree grew to replace the one that was cut down, but in a suburban environment, it defeats the purpose of removing the tree.

Tree stumps can also attract insects. As the wood rots, it becomes an idea home for pests like termites, wood borers and ants. Once these have a foothold on property, they can be exceedingly difficult to remove. They can even use one tree stump as a nest and spread to others. Since termites are attracted to wood, having them too close to the property can be dangerous because it invites them to search for newer food sources like a home’s beams.

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Tree stumps from diseased trees need to be removed promptly to ensure the disease cannot spread to other living and healthy trees in the area. A stump infested with laurel wilt, for example, must be completely removed and destroyed to prevent the beetles that spread the disease from breeding.

Removing a tree stump requires appropriate tools. A tree stump removal company will be able to provide a stump grinder to remove the stump, plus shovels and any heavy equipment needed to pull up the taproots. They will also mulch the stump for disposal or compost, if it wasn’t diseased. Tree stump removal companies can also handle leveling the lawn where the stump once sat. A large tree stump can displace a lot of dirt and grass when it is removed.

Tree stumps that are left in a yard will eventually dry out if the wood is dense enough. Softwood tree stumps will rot when they are left out in a yard. This can lead to fungus or mold development. Tree stumps can also still draw nutrients away from a yard if the tree was alive when it was cut down. Only removing the stump is a guarantee that a tree won’t grow back.

While small trees can be dug out by a homeowner, large trees develop a network of taproots, which act as anchors keeping the tree upright. These taproots can run deep and are hard to remove manually without the right equipment. Since tree stumps can be removed at any time of year, hiring a tree stump removal company can save time and energy by allowing professionals to remove the stump.


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