trees and powerlines   

Not everything goes together, even things we love can end up being terrible when placed together. Some examples are pizza and pineapple, tequila and work the next day, and trees and power lines. Since we are a tree care company we are going to handle the last combination of trees and power lines. There is no real denying that both are vital for the survival of the modern world. We need trees for the oxygen and power lines to power our homes. When the two get too close to each other we can be left in the dark with a tree that needs to come down.

   Trees tend to grow outwards in all directions. While they might be small and cute now, it doesn’t mean that in a couple of years the branches won’t be tangled up in the power lines around your home. When this happens it creates a few potential problems. For one, it creates the issue that city workers might have difficulty working on the lines. If there is an issue with the power, it will take even longer trying to fix it. Secondly, it gives more possibilities to damage the power lines. One strong storm comes along and a branch could fall on the line, taking out power for the entire block. Don’t expect to be invited to the next neighborhood BBQ after that happens.

   The other problem, one that is definitely worth worrying about, is the difficulty in fixing the issue. You can’t just start cutting branches and hope they don’t land on the line. You also have to make sure you don’t accidentally cut the power line with the chainsaw. Not only will it take out the power, it will show the whole neighborhood your large range of inappropriate vocabulary words.  

   You are going to need someone with experience in tree trimming and removal to fix this problem. Otherwise, you are going to have a bad day and a worse haircut. Contact Florida’s Tree Surgeons to get an estimate and schedule a day to rescue your power lines from tree branches.