tree trimming company in ormond beachTrees might be the strongest living thing on this planet. A healthy tree can stand tall through a hurricane, hold the weight of a tree house and its occupants, even grow and survive in places ravaged by a forest fire. There are reasons why trees make such great metaphors for strength, endurance, and longevity. Because many great trees are just as they describe. They are strong, they endure, and they live for a very long time. Just last year a tree that was older than the United States died from the August heat. That means it is over 240 years old!

For all their strength and endurance, however, they are not invincible. While their trunks can stay strong, their branches can start to die as it grows older. These branches pose a problem to the tree itself along with people and property around it. They are more likely to fall off and hit anything that is sitting beneath them. They also block sunlight from reaching other healthy branches. When this happens, it is time to get them trimmed. How can you tell a dead branch from a healthy one though? There are a few signs that you should keep an eye out for.

Excessive Leaf Fall: Leaves naturally fall off trees, especially up north where they have a season known as autumn (We know it as pumpkin spice coffee season). If they start falling off excessively or are noticeably more bare while other branches are covered, it could be signs of a dead branch.

Missing Bark: As trees age, old bark falls off and is replaced with new, healthy bark. On dead branches, though, the bark isn’t replaced, so look for branches that are missing bark.

Lack of Flexibility: If you can reach the branch, try and bend it. Healthy branches are flexible where as dead branches are stiff and break easily. If you try bending a branch and hear cracking sounds coming from it, chances are it’s a dead branch.

Scratch the Surface: just beneath the surface of a tree is the cambium, a thin layer of green inside healthy trees. Lightly scratch the surface of a tree to see if it is green underneath. For some older trees, you might need a saw to get through the bark and outer layer.

If you believe you have dead branches on your trees, or want to check and make sure, hire a Tree Trimming Company in Ormond Beach. A company like Florida’s Tree Surgeon can inspect your trees and give them a proper trimming. This helps keep them healthy and beautiful longer while making your yard a safer place to be. To get a free estimate, contact us today at (386) 320-9133.