Tree Care Specialist in Port Orangetree care specialist in port orange

As a species, we tend to grow some sort of sentimental value toward inanimate objects. These can take the form of an old pocket watch from your grandfather or for some, even a cooking pot their mother always used. There is no real formula for what makes something sentimental for us. It might be involved in a certain memory or it might just carry a memory of a person. Sometimes these objects we become so attached to are more than just inanimate objects, they are living and breathing objects that have spent generations in our family. By now you are either guessing that we are talking about trees or vampires. Since we specialize in tree care and not the eternal undead we are sure you can figure out which it is.

Trees have impressive lifespans. Even the trees with the shorter lifespans live to be at least 70 years old. On the other end of the age range are trees that can live to be 3,500 years old. The rest of the trees tend to live somewhere in the hundreds. It is easy to see why they can become a sentimental piece of our family history. Trees are great places to spend time with a loved one, to get married under, and as seen in Forest Gump, even to be buried under. Like any cherished item, though, we need to take care of it if we want it to last. The better care we take of trees, the longer they are going to be around to relive old memories and make new ones.

There are a few steps to making sure our trees stay healthy and strong for years to come. The most general tree care is making sure it is getting plenty of water and keeping the area around the tree clean and mowed. On a more detailed level is hiring a tree care company in Port Orange. They will give the tree a good trim, remove any dead branches weighing it down, and open up the good branches to get more sunlight. They also help find any form of disease or insect infestation that might reduce the lifespan of the tree.

Other ways a tree care company in Port Orange can help you with your trees are:

Tree Removal: to remove any trees that might be a danger to the home or blocking other trees from getting sunlight.

Debris Removal: They can take away any debris that could be blocking rain from landing on the ground around the tree. This is especially helpful after hurricanes and severe storms.

Stump Removal: Stumps don’t serve much of a purpose. Their roots though can limit the growth of other root systems around them, so getting them removed will give healthy roots more room to grow.

So hold onto those precious memories beneath that tree and add your own to the mix by keeping your tree healthy. Contact Florida’s Tree Surgeons today at (386) 401-4752 to get a free quote and schedule a day for us to come out.