Port Orange Tree Removal Company

Who here thinks it would be fun to use a chainsaw on a tree, let’s see you raise your hands. Okay now put your hand down, people are starting to stare. There is something just empowering about using a powerful piece of machinery. The feel of the handle as you grip it tightly in your hand, hearing the beast roar when you pull up on that trigger, seeing that sawdust go flying, it’s really an experience. We do this every single day and it never gets old for us, so imagine doing it for the first time. You might be thinking about running down to Lowes or Home Depot and picking one up for yourself. While we don’t blame you, there are some things that you should consider first.

They say “With great power comes great responsibility”. A better saying should be “With great power comes great responsibility or great injury”. For all the fun that a chainsaw gives, it also gives plenty of chances to get hurt as well. When you are using a machine that has 60 sharp little teeth spinning around a mile a minute, you really should not ask yourself “What is the worst that can happen?”. Being a Port Orange Tree Removal Company we know all too well the dangers of using a chainsaw and take every precaution when using them. The safety of using a chainsaw isn’t just in handling it. It’s knowing where and how to cut with it. It’s knowing how to use it when on a ladder, and how to carry it up the ladder.

Did we mention that when we say “safety” we don’t mean just your safety, but safety in general? It’s not hard for a tree to go left when you were trying to make it fall to the right. There is also the chance that when you saw a branch while standing on a ladder, the branch might not be the only thing to fall down. When you are using a chainsaw it is important to stay in complete control of everything. You have to make sure you know exactly where a tree is going to fall by performing the proper cuts and having the team to guide it down. When you are actually up in the tree you need to have the right safety equipment to keep yourself in the tree, even when something goes wrong.

Of course, you can skip all of that and just let a Port Orange Tree Removal Company do it for you. A tree removal company like Florida’s Tree Surgeons has all that equipment and all of the experience to get a job done safely and quickly. You also don’t have to spend the money on a chainsaw that you might only end up using once. If you need a little more convincing, feel free to call us at (386) 320-9133.