Port Orange Tree Care Service

port orange tree care serviceHere in Florida we mainly have two seasons. We have Summer, and we have Hurricanes. Hurricane season has just gotten started and predictions are placing it as an active year as far as named storms go. Hurricane Matthew hit us last year and luckily wasn’t as severe as we thought it would be. It did leave quite a bit of debris all over the place. The storm lasted roughly 2 days and yet we could see signs of it for over 2 months afterward. For some, they went over a week without power because of it. So even though a hurricane might not take the house down, it can leave quite a bit of debris and damage to the yard. While we can’t give you a way to completely protect your trees, we can reduce the chances of branches falling and cover the yard or worse, damaging your home.

Dead branches will always be the first to fall from the tree, and even though they are dead, it doesn’t mean that they can’t cause damage. It also doesn’t mean that they will be easy to get rid of. If you want to reduce the number of branches that will fall in your yard during any storm, rather it’s a hurricane or just a passing afternoon thunderstorm, you should get your trees trimmed by a Port Orange tree care service.

When you get your trees trimmed, you get all of those dead branches taken down, leaving only the strong healthy branches. This as a whole makes the tree stronger and healthier, giving it more space to grow and less blocking the healthy branches from soaking up the sunlight. This not only stops the bing branches from filling up your yard during a storm, it also stops the small ones. A Port Orange tree care service will take down the dead branches and a lot of the twigs that linger without helping the tree. These are the twigs that you end up having to rake up instead of just picking up and tossing to the side of the road.

A Port Orange tree care service like Florida’s Tree Service can also come in after the storm and help clean up any of the branches that do fall. It can be hard to do all that work on your own, either due to health or your work schedule. So why not let someone else do it for you? To get started on preparing your trees for the hurricane season give us a call at (386) 320-9133 or click here to request a quote.