Ormond Beach Tree ServicesEveryone in this day and age knows what Adobe Photoshop is, although not everyone knows how to use it. There are some truly breathtaking examples of what the software can do. There are times when you can’t even tell the photo has been altered at all. There are other times that you just can’t believe someone actually tried passing one of these photos off as real because of how badly done it is. At Florida’s Tree Surgeons, we like to use a slightly different version of Photoshop. While others like to upload photos onto their computer to edit, we like to edit things in real time. Meaning that we don’t use the clone stamp to take a tree out of a photo, we just take the tree right off the property itself.

In many ways, tree trimming and removal is just like a real life version of photoshop. We can make a yard look like a brand new place, only we use chainsaws and cherry pickers instead of brushes and selection tools. Using these, along with other assets, we can turn an old and unattractive yard and make it into a beautiful new work of art. We offer various services that help us achieve us. Services such as:

Tree Trimming: By removing dead branches from healthy trees, we can extend the life of the tree, open it up to more sunlight, and make it look more healthy and lively. Dead branches are unattractive, tend to hang low, and fill our yards with twigs and leaves. Healthy branches have bright, green leaves and stand strong.

Tree Removal: Not every tree can be saved with a good trim. Sometimes they just get old or get infested. When this happens, it’s time to get rid of them. Florida’s Tree Surgeons cuts down the tree, disposes of the debris, and gets rid of the stump. They put down seed as well so that new grass will grow and cover the spots.

Stump Removal: Sometimes the tree is already gone and it’s the stump that has to be removed. Stumps are beautiful things to find in a forest but just annoying to have in a yard. Their roots can trip us up and a rotting lump of wood doesn’t do much for the eyes. We can get that stump taken out and fix it up so in time you will never even know it was there.

Debris Removal: After a severe storm or a hurricane you might find quite a bit of fallen branches filling up your yard. The same can happen if you just don’t have time to tend to your yard. We can come in and help get rid of the unwanted debris from storms or debris that is simply there.

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