ormond beach tree pruning

We have gone on extensively about preparing your trees for the hurricane season, or just for bad weather in general. What should you do after the Hurricane season has passed? While you’re healthy and trimmed trees might have survived the bad weather, it doesn’t mean you are out of the woods yet. It might not be time to get them trimmed again, but it wouldn’t hurt to get them checked for any signs of breakage or instability. If you didn’t get your trees trimmed before the hurricane season then you definitely need to hire a tree surgeon to come inspect and trim them.

As the winds hit the branches, they will bend and strain. A good, healthy branch has some elasticity to it, meaning it can bend without breaking. If they are bent too far, however, some breakage can occur. While it might be holding now, that breakage can worsen over time. One day, all of the sudden that branch can snap and fall. Especially if another storm rolls through and the wind pushes more on it. You can do this yourself, as long as you take caution when doing so. Don’t linger under any trees that look questionable or unstable. If you notice any cracks in the branch, definitely stay away from it. If the branch is reaching out over anything important than time can be of the essence. It might fall tomorrow or three months from now. Don’t take the risk of waiting, contact a tree service company to come get it removed.

Another sign that a branch is damaged is how low it hangs. If it seems like it is hanging lower than usual, especially after it was recently trimmed, it could mean storm damage. Low hanging branches can mean other problems as well, such as infection or infestation, or a lack of water. If it has been storming, chances are the trees have enough water, but Florida has known for its random dry spells so a lack of water is still possible. Regardless, you should still have the tree checked out. If you didn’t get it trimmed before the storm, the danger is that much more imminent and needs to be addressed.

Of course, if the hurricane season passes and there is nothing you can find to worry about than go about your day until it’s time to get the trees trimmed again. A healthy tree will tend to stand strong during a storm. After the pre-hurricane trim the dangerous branches will have been removed, so the fear of branches falling is reduced greatly. The only thing a trimmed tree won’t help protect against is a lightning strike. We can, however, help remove a damaged tree from your property once the storm passes. We can also help take your neighbor’s tree out of your yard if they didn’t get it trimmed.

If you still need to get your trees trimmed before the busy hurricane season comes along (estimated to be the most active since 2010), contact the Ormond Beach Tree Pruning experts at Florida’s Tree Surgeons. If you have got them trimmed, keep our number around just in case you need us when the season is over. We don’t only specialize in tree removal and tree pruning or trimming, but also in debris removal. So put (386) 320-9133 on your phone.