ormond beach tree companyIt’s officially autumn, which means it’s time for the leaves to change colors, the cold breeze to blow in, and comfy hoodies being worn every day. Well, if you live anywhere in the United States besides Florida that is what this time of year means. For people here in Florida it means we have green leaves, beach weather, and hoodies are near impossible to wear in this heat. Yeah, we really don’t get much for fall and winter seasons besides pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint sticks. The most we get is some haunted house looking trees because someone didn’t get their trees trimmed. While it might be nice for the Halloween season, these spooky trees present a few actually scary dangers and even more annoyances.

When a tree starts to look like the evil one from Poltergeist you are going to run into a few problems. Luckily the tree coming to life and trying to pull you out of your home isn’t one of them, though it can cause quite a bit of damage to your house. A tree that has bare branches that droop and sag is a tree that isn’t too strong. With the active hurricane season, we have had this year, and a whole new hurricane season coming this time again next year, it wouldn’t be surprising if a tree like this was to topple over. At the very least it would lose some heavy branches. If there is any part of the house, a vehicle, or outdoor furniture around the tree, it’s likely going to get damaged. At the very least it might get a few scratches from it.

When there is a storm with 90mph winds going on outside your home the last thing you want is for your home to get damaged. You’re not going to be able to get outside to fix the damage until the storm passes, giving the damage plenty of time for worsening. On top of the damage, there is the general mess that these trees create. They fill the yard with twigs and leaves that you have to either clean up or hope the wind blows into your neighbor’s yard.

To prevent trees from getting unhealthy and posing a real danger this Halloween, consider getting them trimmed by Ormond Beach Tree Company Florida’s Tree Surgeons. A good trim will get rid of the dead branches so the healthy branches can get more sunlight and grow stronger. If the tree is too far gone for a good trim, we can just take the whole tree down instead. We will take the tree, branches, and stump down safely so it doesn’t damage your home. If you are ready to get your yard ready for the holiday season contact Florida Tree Surgeons today at (386) 320-9133.