ormond beach brush removalIf you grew up somewhere north of Florida, there is a good chance that you have jumped in a large pile of leaves at least once. It’s fun for all ages, though usually, it’s children that get the biggest thrill out of it. Well, at least if they grow up in a location that has those things called seasons. Here in Florida the only leaf piles we have come from palm trees and you don’t really want to jump into one of those. In fact, you really don’t want them in your yard at all. They don’t really benefit you at all unless you are willing to wait long enough for them to decay and enrich the soil. That is going to take a very long time though.

What harm can a few spare palm tree branches do though, or really branches in general? They can do quite a bit actually, especially if you don’t know they are there.

Physical Injury: Palm trees have plenty of sharp, pointy bits to stick anyone who accidentally steps into them. Normal branches are round, and if small enough can cause you to slip or roll an ankle. The very least you might stub your toe on one walking through the yard.

Cosmetically Damaging: Dead tree branches are just unattractive in a yard. Even if the grass is mowed and the bushes trimmed, dead branches will bring down the overall appearance considerably. It’s better to get loose branches and brush removed as soon as possible.

Unwanted Guests: Dead branches and brush are perfect places for pests and rodents to hide in. They are shaded, low to the ground, and plenty of material to build a nest out of. Not to mention bugs such as termites might find their way into them.

Damage to the Yard: Brush and branches block sun and nutrients from reaching the grass beneath them. This can cause the grass to dry out, leaving the grass beneath to turn weak and yellow. It will take time for the grass to grow back to normal and might even require some seeding to help it along.

Overall, dead branches and brush just isn’t a good thing to have around. Keep your yard strong and healthy by having Florida’s Tree Surgeons, Ormond Beach brush removal and tree specialist, to come pick up the debris. We also offer tree removal and trimming services so you can get the full benefit of a clean, well-kept yard.