Ormond Beach Arborist

We all love a big beautiful tree in the front yard. They are cosmetically pleasing to the eyes, add much-appreciated shade here in Florida, and just really make a home feel welcoming. What we don’t care for, however, are the unwanted guests that can call our trees home. Some guests are wonderful to have, such as birds and the occasional squirrel. We are talking about the other, less desired ones such as insects. While insects might be small, a large number of them can cause severe damage to a tree. While there are a wide variety of insects in the world, when it comes to threes they are typically divided into three main groups. Chewing insects, burrowing insects, and sucking insects. Each form of insect can harm a tree in their own way.

Below we will break down each form of insect and show how they can damage a tree.

Chewing Insects: As the name suggests, these insects chew on the leaves or bark of the tree. This is damaging since trees absorb sunlight through their leaves. Some insects won’t do too much damage such as a caterpillar or two. If you start seeing several bugs or several chewed leaves then you have a problem.

Burrowing Insects: These are the insects that dig into the tree itself such as termites or carpenter ants. They damage the tree by digging into it, and many times laying eggs. These eggs will hatch and the new insects will burrow even deeper. If left untreated they can fatally damage the tree, requiring it to be completely removed.

Sucking Insects: While all insects on this list might suck, Sucking Insects do it literally, draining liquid from the leaves and branches. This directly robs the nutrients that trees need to survive. Sucking insects tend to be stationary, sticking to one spot and forming a protective cover while they suck away on a leaf or branch. If you see any unnatural growths on your leaves, it could mean infestation.

Keeping a healthy tree is one way to keep infestations out. Getting your trees trimmed also helps for it gets rid of the dead branches that insects can easily bore into and an arborist can spot an infestation while trimming the branches. To get your tree trimmed and healthy contact Ormond Beach Arborist Florida Tree Surgeons today at (386) 320-9133.