new smyrna beach tree removal

Our job tends to end once the tree is cut down and taken off your property. What about a tree that is cut down and taken TO your property? While we don’t actually handle Holiday trees, being arborist we do know a thing or two about them. When it comes to the Holiday season, one of the best parts of it is the scents. The smell of banana nut bread being baked in the oven, that sweet aroma of pies sitting on the counter, and the lingering scent of pine from a freshly cut tree all mix together into the delightful holiday spirit. While some might decide to go for an artificial tree, you just can’t beat that real pine sensation. The smell, the sight, the feel, it just really embodies that holiday spirit. The problem with using a real pine is that you have to take care of it. Otherwise, you are going to have brightly wrapped presents sitting under dull, brown needles.

   Luckily, it’s not too hard to take care of a pine tree, even after it’s been cut. There are a few steps to take to ensure that it stays healthy and has the ability to keep taking in water. Follow these few simple steps and you can make sure you have a big beautiful Holiday tree to last the whole season.

The Fresher the Better: Get a tree as freshly cut as you can. A freshly cut tree will stay strong and healthy for longer before it starts drying out so you can get it back home.

Cut It Before Putting it in a Stand: When you cut a tree, first cut it from the stump. When you get it home, cut it again about a half inch up before putting it in a stand. When a tree is cut, air gets into the plant tissue and interrupts its ability to gather water, so cutting off the end will open up the tree again to soaking up water.

Pick the Right Tree Stand: A reservoir tree stand is the recommended tree stand for living trees. They should be able to hold a gallon of water at a time, and securely hold your tree without modification. If you have to cut the tree down at all to make it fit, it will hamper the tree’s ability to absorb water.

Keep it Cool: Luckily for us, we live in Florida so we tend to want our homes to be cool anyways. Heat can dry out a tree, so you want to keep the room the tree is in cool and comfortable.

   While you are taking care of that holiday tree, we will be outside taking care of the other trees. Call Florida’s Tree Surgeons today at (386) 320-9133 to get an estimate for New Smyrna Beach tree removal and tree trimming.