hurricane seasonAre your trees ready for another active hurricane season? The predictions are in and the NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is estimating an above average hurricane season this year. This means the chances of at least one hurricane hitting Florida is higher than usual. In fact, they are the highest they have been since 2010. The consensus is that the water in the Atlantic is warmer than usual by about 2 degrees. That might not seem like a number worth worrying about, but it can have some pretty serious effects on the weather, especially when combined with other factors that are present. Long story short, you need to get your trees trimmed or removed before hurricane season is in full swing.

There is a lot of damage that a hurricane can cause. Depending on the category a hurricane can just be a lot of wind and rain or it could be torn off rooftops and flooded homes. There are five categories for a hurricane. The lowest category being 1 and the most severe being a category 5. Below is a quick list of Categories and their wind speeds.

Category 1: 74 – 95 mph

Category 2: 96 – 110 mph

Category 3: 111 – 130 mph

Category 4: 131 – 155 mph

Category 5:  155+ mph

A hurricane typically isn’t considered severe until Category 3. That doesn’t mean a Category 1 or 2 can’t cost damage. The main damage that comes from a Category 1 or 2 is debris. This is where trimming your trees or removing them completely comes in. Debris is only dangerous if there is debris to create. While a storm will find things to toss around, you can help reduce the number of flying branches by taking care of your trees. Many times, it is the trees in your yard that can cause the most damage. Mostly since they are the most closely located to your home.

In a Category 3, it is highly possible property damage will occur as a result of the storm itself, with debris adding to the damage. It is still possible that your home will still be standing afterward, especially if you take care of your trees. If it goes to a Category 4, then there isn’t much hope for your home but at least you took steps. If it is a Category 5 there is a good chance that it will be your home that is the debris flying around.

So how does getting your trees trimmed help protect your home? Even healthy trees will eventually have dead branches. While it is important to trim these branches to keep the tree healthy, it is also important because dead branches are much more likely to fall off a tree. With a strong enough wind, you can find that dead branch on top of your home, your car, or even yourself. While healthy branches can still snap and fall, a dead branch will break far easier than any healthy one.

If a tree is not healthy and is looking like it could be persuaded to fall over by a storm, it is a good idea to get it removed. Not only to prevent damage but also to prevent liability. When a tree falls and causes damage, it is either seen as an “Act of God” or “Negligence”. If you take care of your trees, getting them trimmed when needed, it is seen as an “Act of God” meaning there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. If you don’t do anything to take care of your trees, it could be said that your negligence in caring for them caused one of them to be weak and fall over.

So don’t wait until a passing hurricane trims your tree for you, hire Florida’s Tree Surgeons to come get your trees ready for an above average hurricane season. Not only do you get the cosmetic benefits of doing this, you also make your home a little safer. Call us today to get an estimate and set up a day for us to come out.