halloween decorationsNormally we like to talk about how to make sure your trees are healthy, or what to do to keep them healthy. Today we are going to take a different path and tell you how to make your trees terrifying and spooky. They will still be strong and healthy of course, just a little bit scary to match the Halloween feeling. Because we don’t really get seasons here in Florida our trees don’t get that natural autumn Halloween feeling so we have to improvise a little bit. So grab some pumpkin spice, pause Hocus Pocus, and get the whole family in on decorating this holiday season.

Most of the things you will need to make a tree spooky can be found almost anywhere this time of year. Every store has a Halloween section of some kind for you to rummage to for spooky supplies. Some things are more DIY activities and the supplies can be found in most department stores like Wal-Mart or Target. A quick side note, when it comes to decorating trees it is best not to harm them if possible. Try to avoid nailing or carving things into trees. Instead, look at using a lightly tied rope to hold up decorations. With that out of the way, let’s get to decorating. After all, Halloween is just around the corner.

Spider Webs: Spiders are just generally creepy, and large spiders are just generally terrifying. Cover your tree with synthetic spiderwebs to add some nice haunted atmosphere to your home. Add a light up spider or even just a large spider somewhere in the webs to add some nice detail to the decoration.

Hanging Skeletons: Skeletons are like champion level at being undead. So good they don’t even need bodies to do it with. Hang a few from a tree to add a haunting feel to the yard. For some bonus points, use them like puppets and attach thin strings or fishing wire to their arms and head to make them dance around. If ever there was a time to be creative, it’s Halloween time.

Monster Eyes: You might have seen this one on Facebook. If not, all you need is some paint, some toilet paper cardboard tubes, and some glow sticks. Simply cut eyes into the cardboard tube, paint it all black, and stick a glow stick inside. Come Halloween night, light up the glow stick and put the whole thing in the branches of your tree. It will look like something is staring at passersby as they come to your home looking for candy.

Hide and Scare: Perhaps the most entertaining thing you can do with a tree for Halloween is hiding behind it and jump out at unexpecting Trick or Treaters. Trees give excellent cover for hiding behind, especially at night in the dark. Some might think it’s mean to scare people, but it was the Pumpkin King himself who said: “Life’s no fun without a good scare”.

Enjoy your Halloween holiday, and remember to make sure your trees stay healthy. Decorating them is also a good time to check them. See if you can find any visible signs of infestations, drooping branches, or if leaves seem to be falling unnaturally often while you decorate the tree. If so, contact Florida’s Tree Surgeons today to give your tree a good trim.