Daytona Beach Tree RemovalIt is pretty obvious by simply looking at them that there is a difference between your average tree and a palm tree. They look quite different and tend to each have their own preferred places to grow. Not to say they can’t both grow in the same area, just that you are more likely to see an oak tree in the forest and a palm tree by the beach. In your yard, they can both grow side by side. When they are in your yard you have to be able to tell when they are healthy or when it’s time to remove them. We tend to know the basic signs of a typical tree, but do you know the signs of a healthy palm tree?

The basic sign to look for is green on the palm tree. If a palm tree has green on it and it is at least in some way healthy. The more green you can find the better. If you can’t find any green it is either dead or dying. Luckily they are easy to see in most instances thanks to their branches or fronds. Typically found at the top of a palm tree, healthy fronds extend outwards and have a welcoming green color. Unhealthy ones will bend downwards and have a more brown color to them. Green fronds will also branch outwards while brown ones will hang down almost vertically.

If you have transplanted a palm tree, it might appear that it is dying but really it could just need sufficient water. Palm trees, in general, need to stay watered. Luckily they tend to get enough water being here in Florida, but if we do get a dry spell make sure to water them yourself. If they begin to grow a bit too much, you can always get them trimmed by a professional tree company like Florida’s Tree Surgeons. Offering Daytona Beach Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Debris pickup, Florida Tree Surgeons can get the job done and make sure your palm trees are healthy and green.